William McConnaughy is a former Internal Revenue Service agent

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William McConnaughy is a Certified Public Accountant, but this is hardly the only career he has hel In addition to working as a CPA, William McConnaughy is a former Internal Revenue Service agent. This means that he worked on tax issues in both of those careers, but on opposite ends of the conflict. William McConnaughy understands the conflict of owing taxes better than most because he has worked both for the debt enforcement side of the issue and for the debtor protection side. This means he is prepared to offer a unique perspective to his clients and to work in ways that most CPA’s are not prepared for. He understands what is required of a CPA and what is required of the IRS agent, which means he knows how to quickly and effectively resolve any case.

William McConnaughy is definitely the right person to call if you suddenly find that you owe a good deal to the Internal Revenue Service. This can be a daunting problem to face aloneā€”so don’t. Contact William McConnaughy and you will give yourself a sense of comfort and a major advantage too. William McConnaughy has in the past worked with individuals, companies, organizations, and families.

You will struggle to find anyone more experience in tax case resolution than William McConnaughy. He has been working to resolve tax cases for over twenty-eight years. In that time he has essentially mastered the issues relating to tax debt and resolution.

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